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The CRS Center and Texas A&M University to ensure the safety and well-being of all students, employees, and visitors on campus has introduced safe practices that must be followed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and other infectious diseases in the workplace. These practices are consistent with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 


Work Protocol in the Center During COVID-19 Pandemic

The center will employ 4 principles to assure safety of employees and visitors to the center:

  1. Avoid casual and unnecessary contact among people in the center.
  2. Clean surfaces before and after use
  3. Use Personal Protective Equipment, including masks and gloves to create barriers between an
    individual and contaminants
  4. Introduce clean air and remove air that is potentially contaminated

Work from home

Whenever possible, employees should work from home using Internet-based access to files and
telecommunications tools.

Work in the offices

If work must be done in the office, schedule the work starting and ending day and time on the work
calendar. Do not schedule a time when another person is in the office unless face-to-face interaction or
co-use of equipment and resources is required to accomplish a task. The calendar is available at link below.

Link to Calendar

If work must be done in the offices, work alone if possible. No more than two people should be in the
offices at any time. Maintain a minimum of six feet apart. The center consists of three rooms; no more
than one person should be in any room at a time.
When more than one person is in the office, all people must wear masks.
Ventilate the offices when working in the offices by opening windows and doors. Place a barrier across
the entrance door to the center to inform potential visitors that the center is occupied, and they may be
allowed to enter.

Preparation for an office visit

Each day before coming to the office, conduct a self-assessment including temperature check, as
specified in University guidelines and regulations. Arrive on campus with gloves and mask for walking to
the office.

Arriving, occupying, and departing from the offices

Upon arrival at the office,

  1. Unlock the door using a gloved hand
  2. Secure the door in an open position
  3. Place the rope barrier across the doorway
  4. Write your name in the log
  5. Wipe the doorknob, pen and clipboard down with disinfectant
  6. Remove your mask and gloves and discard as appropriate
  7. Replace mask and gloves using CRS Center stores; Disinfect the surfaces that you will use
  8. At your option, remove masks and gloves and discard

When occupying the office, take care to clean and disinfect all surfaces that you will contact before
contacting them. Do not touch light switches – they are on motion detectors and should come on when
you are in the office. If a switch needs to be repositioned, clean and disinfect it before and after use.
If another person arrives, don a mask, determine their name and business at the offices, and maintain
social distancing. Determine whether the other person has a compelling need to be in the offices. If
possible, resolve the situation by either the new person retreats, or you vacate the premises to allow
the other person to work, or both of you can work safely in the center.
Upon departure from the office:

  1. 1. Close windows
  2. Put away work materials
  3. Clean and disinfect surfaces
  4. Write your departure time next to your name in the log
  5. Remove the barrier on the doorway
  6. Lock and close the door

Follow up

After working in the office, note on the Calendar the times that you worked in the office by ending your
calendar entry. Note whether anyone else entered the offices; this could help with contact tracing of
infected individuals.
If there was any apparent infringement of social distancing or other potentially contaminating event,
contact the director via Zoom or telephone. Inform director of depleted stocks of PPE and cleaning

Download PDF of
CRS Center
COVID-19 Protocols