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Rowlett Lecture


An important goal of the CRS Center is to improve its publicity efforts regarding its research and activities in the College. The CRS Center periodically sponsors roundtables to discuss issues pertinent to the business of architecture among those in the profession and academia. These talks are then transcribed in the form of an occasional paper, which can be downloaded. In an effort to broaden the identity and influence of the Center, both internally and externally, the Center produces a newsletter series along with a formal annual report of activities. Both the newsletters and annual reports are in pdf format and may be downloaded.


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Annual Reports

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The TIBs of Bill Caudill (Mar 2005)

A re-publication of the highly-requested original 1984 edition. The staff of the CRS Center used their existing TIBs database and collection of photographs to create a better-than-ever version of this wonderful book that contains over 200 enduring Caudill TIBs. Foreword by Thomas A. Bullock, FAIA. Two-color cover; black & white inner pages/photos; 205 pages; coil bound. To purchase a hard copy ($25.00) please contact the CRS Center at or call (979) 847-9357.

Would you like to read more about CRS? "The CRS Team and the Business of Architecture" authored by Jonathan King and Phil Langdon, is available for purchase through TAMU Press.

The personal World War II memoirs of William M. Peña are now available. AS FAR AS SCHLEIDEN: A Memoir of World War II (Icon 56.5 MB)

For additional publications, please see our complete publications list.