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4 Founders


The Photograph section of the archives contains photos of CRS team members as well as some of the original projects done by the firm. The collection includes photos of CRS projects, including houses, schools, junior colleges, universities, office buildings and other structures. Photos of CRS partners, associates, employees, and clients also comprise a part of the collection. These photos provide a visual record of the CRS architectural practice as well as a record of the men and women who were involved in this process. Significant photos include the founding partners of the firm: Bill Caudill, William Peña, John Rowlett, Wallie Scott, Tom Bullock, Herb Paseur, Charles Lawrence, and Ed Nye.

Current Status: 

A relatively small number of photos have been digitized and are available on this site.

The Program section of the archives contains program information from hundreds of projects done by CRS over the years. As a result, this section provides invaluable information on how the firm organized its information for clients. The projects range from small schools to universities and from the master plans of small towns to the massive planning projects done in Saudi Arabia. A typical program will include the project name and location, project architect and contractor, estimated and final cost, contract and completion date, and project engineers.

Current Status: These architectural programs and reports are available in hard copy only. If you would like a hard copy, please contact CRS Center for price details.