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The Records section of the archives contains a broad spectrum of information about CRS. The records of CRS, and later CRSS Corporation, include such items as: general correspondence, marketing brochures, minutes of board meetings, policy manuals, dedicated brochures, financial statements and reports, case studies on the firm, project manuals ("how-to" literature), investigation series, books, newspaper and magazine articles written by members of the firm as well as articles about CRS.

Current Status: All records are available on-line.

CRS Awards List (Icon 153.1 KB)

CRS won over 400 awards for their design work. The list of these awards is available here for download in Adobe Acrobat format:

CRS Bibliography (Icon 231.5 KB)

CRS was known for sharing its "secrets" through an extensive program of publications and presentations. A bibliography of publications authored by CRS employees is available here for download in Adobe Acrobat format.