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About us

Few architectural design firms during the 20-th  century had as much influence as Caudill Rowlett Scott (CRS).

The CRS Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry (CRS Center) continues the contributions of CRS through preservation and dissemination of archives, education on the still relevant and powerful contributions of the firm, research in their pattern of objective, rigorous “probes” of topics in the built environment, and service to the profession of architecture, the industry, and society.

Not only did CRS attain a position of influence as pioneers of modern architecture, they continuously innovated in methods of practice and design process. Their mantras of Architecture by Team, Problem Seeking, Fast Track, and Design for People were supported by in-depth studies of topics, such as school design, energy efficiency, computing and information management, and construction management, in pursuit of the highest level of service to clients.

Founded in 1990, the CRS Center carries on the traditions of Caudill Rowlett Scott as a locus for education, research, and public service. The center houses archives of the professional papers from the firm, a collection that is expanding with additional contributions and records of the activities of the center. The center conducts the Rowlett Lecture series, a premier annual event that expands and disseminates knowledge of architecture.

Continuing involvement with undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University and beyond carries on the legacy of the firm as a place for teaching, learning, and mentorship, and the investigations of doctoral students and faculty fellows affiliated with the center assures that the research commitments of CRS carry on into the future.