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Faculty Fellows

Appointment Procedure

Any faculty member (including visiting and adjunct faculty), researcher or professional may request appointment as a CRS Center Fellow at any time. CRS Center Fellows will be appointed and reviewed by the CRS Center Board of Directors for a maximum term of three years in accordance with College policy and this document.

Any faculty member or professional who is the principal investigator of a research project that is administered through the Center or who has been awarded the CRS Archive Scholar will automatically be eligible to become a CRS Center Fellow, subject to approval of the CRS Center Board of Directors.

Program Description

1. Publicity. Each CRS Center Fellow is asked to forward highlights of his/her annual report so that contributions to the Center may be incorporated in the Center's annual report and future CRS Center newsletters.

2. Funding. When possible, the Center may provide cost-sharing or other resources to encourage the external support of research initiatives that have significant future funding potential and/or to encourage the presentation of research conducted by CRS Center Fellows.

3. Critical Unmet Needs Funding. The CRS Center will provide up to $1,000 per year for any "critical unmet need" that a Faculty Fellow may have. Typically, we would expect to provide these funds in a cost share arrangement with another unit in the College or University. Faculty Fellows may apply for this funding at any time.

4. Indirect Cost Return. Faculty Fellows whose externally funded research is conducted through the Center will have access to the Center's portion of their indirect cost return.

5. Business Cards. The CRS Center will provide business cards when requested by Fellows.