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Facility MGMT Certificate

We are currently not accepting applications for this certification.

The certificate in facility management provides students in any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University an opportunity to develop a body of knowledge in facility management that will further their career goals. The certificate assumes that facility management is a cross-disciplinary field, and that the program is designed to ensure that students gain a sense of mutual respect for others in the field, and appropriate awareness, understanding, and ability within a specific body of knowledge.


Current FM Brochure (Icon 396.1 KB) 
FM Certificate Application Forms

The Certificate Program is supported by the Facility Management Industry Advisory Council (FMIAC). The Council was organized to help develop the FM teaching and research program and to make available programs that would be of value to the facility management profession. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are scholarships available to students studying facility management?

Yes. The FM certificate program has an endowment from which at least one scholarship is given each year. You must apply through the College; preference is given to students who are members of the FM student chapter: Additional scholarships are available from the International Facility Management Association Foundation:

How do students apply for the certificate?

Any student admitted to a graduate degree program offered at Texas A&M University should declare the intent to seek a certificate in facility management at the time of filing a degree plan. Application forms are available in the CRS Center (Room 006, Williams Administration Building). Application forms are available online.

How can I find out about the FM Student Chapter?

The student chapter web site is located at:

What is a facility manager?

Facility managers supervise many aspects concerning the buildings, grounds and services associated with an organization. They need to know about issues such as architecture, computer and telecommunications systems, interior design, real estate acquisition and disposition, construction project administration, energy management, mailrooms and others. In order to manage these elements, facility managers must be experts in a number of fields, including business administration, architecture and the behavioral and engineering sciences.

Why facility management as a career?

As a graduate student at Texas A&M University, you might want to consider facility management because it would add another dimension to your knowledge about buildings and provide you with another possible career alternative. According to the International Association of Facility Managers (IFMA), entry-level positions in facility management offer competitive salaries ranging from $27,000 to $42,000 per year. Additional information about careers in facility management is available fromIFMA.

Why facility management in the College of Architecture?

The interdisciplinary nature of facility management is well-suited to Texas A&M's multi-disciplined College of Architecture, which consists of four departments (Architecture, Construction Science, Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning, and Visualization). These departments offer a complete spectrum of program in the design, planning, construction, and development professions. In addition, the College also features seven research centers and laboratories, three of which offer certificate programs.

Where can I get more information?

If you would like additional information on the certificate in facility management, please see Dr. Valerian Miranda, Director, CRS Center, Room 110, Pavilion (phone: 979-847-9357, email: You may also click here (Icon 396.1 KB)to download the entire Facility Management Certificate program description (pdf format).