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The Center

The CRS Center was approved by the Board of Regents of the Texas A&M University System in 1990. The purpose of the CRS Center is to advance innovation and leadership in the design and construction industry. The Center is also the repository of the business archives, slide archives, publications and architectural program library of CRS, the architecture engineering and planning firm and its successor firm CRSS. The Center's archives, which include an oral history of the firm, are available to students and scholars of architectural and business history.

Caudill Rowlett Scott, later known as CRS, was established in College Station, Texas shortly after World War II by William Wayne Caudill and John Miles Rowlett both of whom were Professors of Architecture at Texas A&M and Wallie E. Scott, Jr., a graduate student.

Among the Center's activities have been the fostering of discussion of major issues in the design and construction industry and the education of architects and the publication of reports on these discussions. It has also encouraged graduate study in its areas of interest. The Center participates in the instructional program of the College of Architecture and in developing research programs in its areas of intellectual concern. It also organizes and administers the annual John Rowlett Lecture program.

Our Mission

To lead in improving the quality of business practice and management in the planning, design and construction industry through our distinctive knowledge-generating and educational activities.


  1. To create useful knowledge in innovation, management, and leadership;
  2. To transfer this knowledge to people and organizations in order to create positive change in the industry;
  3. To integrate this knowledge into the education of the next generation of leaders; and
  4. To provide programs and resources that contribute to faculty development.