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Aggie Leadership

The C8: Do you "C" leadership in you?

Leadership at Texas A&M University 

In 2015, a leadership program proposed by Geoffrey John Booth, associate professor (real estate development and investment) and associate director of the CRS Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, was funded by College of Architecture's Development Advisory Committee (CADAC).

Three of the college's Outstanding Alumni Awards winners—Harold L. Adams '62, James R. "Jim" Thompson '68, and William L. "Bill" Peel Jr. '74—became the dogged champions and mentors of this leadership program. 

The CADAC grant funded by alumni has now produced eight C8 leadership Profiles in Leadership videos that explain and illuminate each C8 element of leadership.

It is on this firm foundation and extensive body of work that we are continuing our scholarship and research on the C8 of leadership at Texas A&M University. If you would like to join us, collaborate with, or simply know more about the program please contact Geoffrey Booth.


Geoffrey J. Booth
College of Architecture Faculty Senate Caucus Leader and Faculty Senator
Chair, Texas A&M University Grievance Committee
Associate Professor
Associate Director, CRS Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry

Regan Interdisciplinary Medal 2015—2016
Outstanding Teacher Award 2016
Youngblood Endowed Professor of Land Development, 2009—2015
Master of Land and Property Development (MLPD) Program

Department of Landscape Architecture and Planning
College of Architecture
A342 Langford Architectural Center
3137 Texas A&M University
College Station, TX, 77843-3137




Aggie to Aggie
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Aggie Leadership
The C8: Do you "C" Leadership in you?

Leadership 0.0
Texas A&M University
The Trailer, Dec 2015

Leadership 1.0
Texas A&M University
Bill Peel '74 introduces the Aggie "C8" of Leadership, Dec 2016

Leadership 1.1
Texas A&M University
Harold Adams '61, Dec 2016

Leadership 2.1
Texas A&M University
Jim Thompson '68, Dec 2017

Leadership 2.2
Texas A&M University
Ron Skaggs '65, Dec 2017

Leadership 3.0
Texas A&M University
Dean's Insight, Dec 2018

Leadership 3.1 
Texas A&M University
Tom Owens '73, Dec 2018

Leadership 3.2
Texas A&M University
Gary Maler '74, Dec 2018

Leadership 3.3
Texas A&M University
Bill Peel '74, Dec 2018

Leadership 3.4
Texas A&M University
Jim Singleton '66, Dec 2018