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TIBs (This I Believe) were written by Bill Caudill between April 2, 1964 until his death in 1983. The CRS Archives contain over 4,000 TIBs on all kinds of subjects. Originally, TIBs were distributed by memo to members of the CRS firm.  

TIBs are also available on the web. To search for and view TIBs, please see TIBs Search.

In October 1984, CRSS published a small sub-set of Caudill's TIBs in a book entitled "The TIBs of Bill Caudill." This book is no longer in print. However, in theIntroduction to this book, Thomas A. Bullock, then-Chairman of the Board, provided some insight into Caudill's TIBs.

Bill was a great communicator and a caring teacher. For almost 20 years, he wrote memos he termed simply "This I Believe," or TIBs for short. He averaged a TIB a week, and each was distributed to the company's leaders and displayed on office bulletin boards.

Why did he write them?

'Good question,' he once replied. 'To pinpoint things we really believe in? To encourage and express the openness that characterizes our company? To communicate thoughts on current issues? To produce responses? To carry on a continuous writing of our history? Paper therapy? Perhaps all of these.'

Probably the best answer is that he wanted to improve his thinking by expressing himself regularly in clear, simple thoughts. 'Most of us need to write/think,' he said.

'Maybe they should be like Kleenex--use them and throw them away. Maybe they should be recorded--so that some future historians can delve into the '60s (and '70s) to see 'how those old guys were thinking in those days.' Maybe I should write a book and make them essentially the leaves. Maybe they should be made into working-training pamphlets to be used in a school for training new employees.' . . .

We have two readerships in mind for this work: first, the CRSS employees, new and old, who can use TIBs to uncover and identify those shared values so critical to our Quality Consciousness Program; second, the students and teachers in schools of architecture around the country who can discover--and in some cases, rediscover--Bill Caudill, an incredibly warm and human person who believed that learning never stops.

To know Bill was to have hope and enthusiasm for the future. We hope you'll share in that hope and enthusiasm, that joy of human experience and professional enterprise, which this volume seeks to convey.

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