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Research Assistantships

The CRS Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry is pleased to announce the availability of the CRS Center PhD Scholar Award. The CRS Center PhD Scholar Program is offered to prospective students who wish to participate in a leading research program that is exploring future uses of information technology in design, construction and facility management.

CRS Center PhD Scholar Program

  1. Research Assistantship. The PhD Scholar will normally receive an appointment as a 12-month graduate research assistant (GANT), renewable for another year based on an evaluation of performance. This research assistantship will include salary, benefits and health insurance. The normal university expectations for a full time GANT are 20 hours of work per week and the maintenance of a 3.0 GPA. The CRS Center PhD Scholar will be provided a work space within the CRS Center.
  2. Publicity. Each year the CRS Center will advertise for a PhD student who will be expected to enter in the Fall term. Ads will appear in all appropriate print and electronic media.
  3. Application Procedure. Prospective PhD students who wish to be considered for the PhD Scholar must send a copy of his/her PhD application materials and a letter of interest to the Director of the CRS Center.
  4. Acceptance Procedure. Acceptance of a student as a CRS Center PhD Scholar will be by written approval from the CRS Center Director with oversight provided by the CRS Center Board of Directors. The student must have previously been accepted into a College PhD program.
  5. Supervision. Research that is conducted by a CRS Center PhD Scholar will be supervised by the Director of the CRS Center. This supervision does not supercede the supervision provided by the student's dissertation committee.

To apply for the CRS Center PhD Scholar, copy your complete application to a College of Architecture PhD program and send it to the address below. There is no specific deadline for this application.

Dr. Mark J. Clayton 
Director, CRS Center
College of Architecture
Texas A&M University
3137 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843-3137
phone: (979) 847-9357